high solids silicone


Metacrylics High Solids Silicone is a low VOC, single-component silicone elastomer coating formulated with high volume solids to provide superior reflectivity, durability, weatherproofing, and UV resistance. Metacrylics HS Silicone withstands ponding water, resists debris, provides better adhesion when re-coating silicone coated roofs, and does not require the use of fabric reinforcement or primers for most installations. Metacrylics HS Silicone offers faster cure times for installations in areas where approaching weather is a concern.


Metacrylics High Solids Silicone is formulated for use on BUR, modified bitumen, torch-down, metal, TPO, EPDM, PVC, foam, tar & gravel, and concrete roofs. Metacrylics High Solids Silicone can be sprayed, brushed, or rolled for easy installation.

This product is not recommended for continuous immersion service, for use in cryogenic tanks, or cold storage roofing applications without a vapor barrier.


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